5 Ways That Being Green = Being Frugal


I've been loving the recent popularity of the "green movement." Sure, I LOVE helping preserve our planet. But, you see, I've always been a bit of a cheapskate, but now I can call myself GREEN instead.

In most cases, the most green option is also the most frugal option. It's awesome!


5 Ways That Being Green = Being Frugal

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  1. Grow some food. Seriously, some things are so easy to grow. My girlfriend barely tried and grew a small pumpkin patch in her backyard a few years ago. You can grow herbs in your window, and you can even grow potatoes in a pot. Ask around your neighborhood and see what fruits and vegetables grow well in your area. Sure, you can really get into and grow an abundance of crops. Or you can toss a few seeds in the ground, add a little water, and save a little dough here and there.
  2. Reduce household waste and Recycle. Less garbage means less trips to the dump. If you have curbside service and reduce your weekly amount of trash, you might even be able to get a smaller can and pay less per month. Think before you buy heavily packaged items, and recycle everything you can.
  3. Buy used. You can find so many perfectly good items you need (and want!) in thrift stores, at garage sales, and at flea markets. It's more fun to shop when you don't know what you're going to get. And besides, why on earth would you buy a brand new glass vase when there are hundreds sitting on $1 tables in thrift stores across America? Why invest in a $500 crib that you'll use for a few years when your neighbor is selling her gently used one for $50? It saves you money and spares the overflowing landfills.
  4. Make household cleaners. Making your own household cleaners is greener and will save you tons on name or store brand cleaning supplies. You can choose non-toxic ingredients and save money every month!
  5. Drive less. We saw in the last year how much the cost of gas can drain a bank account. Even with gas prices back down to affordable again, it's a good place to cut back. It will help your pocketbook, the planet, and help lessen our dependency on foreign oil. Carpool and group your errands where you can. Choose new or used cars that get good gas mileage (or go hybrid!) or go without a car (city dwellers!) or a second car, if you can. Think of what you'll save per year without car insurance and registration.

See, isn't this great? You're not a cheapskate either! You were simply going GREEN before your time. (*wink, wink*)

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