Household Portion Control: Use Less, Save More


toilet paper


Could you use a little household portion control?

I'm not talking just food either. I'm wondering, do you really need that big strip of toothpaste on your brush? Do you really need to use another Ziploc for your leftovers? If we used a little less around our households, could it save us a whole lot more?

I think it could.




Both the green movement and the economic push to find more ways of being frugal have had me running water less freely and completing avoiding almost all need for paper towels. Needless to say, I was completely inspired by two articles about implementing a little more portion control in our lives:

  • Trent's Happy Minimum post on The Simple Dollar was inspired when his son called him out on his TP overuse. "By the end of the day, I was carrying this idea forward into all sorts of avenues," says Trent. "Instead of grabbing two or three Kleenexes to blow my nose, why not just grab one and use it until I absolutely can’t use it any more, then get another if I need it?"
  • Cafe MicheleZ confesses to beauty product excess in her post Beauty Product Portion Control. She then goes on to tell you the proper portions to use on your beauty supplies.

The CafeMom Get Real Recession Guide has been rocking my world. There are so many great tips about saving money, and sometimes that simply means cutting back on what you do. It can add up!


Save money! Cut back on using and spending:


+++ What about you? Have you cut back on your household portions?


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