Real Money-Saving Tips from a Frugal Mom: TempestRayne


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If you want "get real" advice about saving money, then ask another mom living on a tight budget!

Today, frugal CafeMom TempestRayne shares a few of her best money-saving household tips.


I have several tips for saving money at home:

  1. Avoid Billing Contracts. DON'T get into bills you can't get out of! There are several prepaid cell phone services that provide the same benefits as a contract (Boost Mobile, for one), and if you need to cancel it, you won't have to pay a cancellation fee or have it on your credit. 
  2. Pay Bills First. Always pay your bills before you do anything else. You may not LIKE living off of hot dogs and Ramen, but it sure beats not having electricity or eviction proceedings.
  3. Dress for the Weather. Wear more clothes in the winter and less in the summer. Know the limits of your heating/air conditioner system. Some systems cannot alter the temperature of your house more than 15 degrees either way. More than that, and you are just overtaxing your system and wasting money.
  4. Wash Large Loads of Laundry. You use a little more water than several small loads, but you save more on electricity. It takes the same amount of electricity to run your washer no matter the setting.
  5. Shop Thrift and Consignment Shops. Clothes, entertainment, extras... I got a $400 dress, never been worn (still had tags on it), for a school formal for less than $100 that way. Good Will is also good.
  6. Go to the Library. A lot of libraries offer movies you can borrow for up to a week for free. Sure beats five bucks for four nights. Plus, reading is better for your brain than watching movies.
  7. Go Outdoors. On nice days, get outside! Play dodge ball or tag with your kids whenever possible. It provides them (and you) with a necessary amount of exercise, a mood boost, and great bonding time—for free, I might add.
  8. Keep up on Maintenance. Keep up on whatever maintenance you can. A $50 oil change on time sure beats having a rod in your engine blow and having to replace your engine. Believe me.

Thanks, TempestRayne, for these useful and "real" tips and reminders. These are real things I can do around my house to save money.

Watch for more great money-saving tips on grocery shopping and meals from CafeMom TempestRayne tomorrow in Food & Party Buzz.

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