Digital Moms and Their Households

Today's Digital Mom on the Today Show

Did you catch the Today's Digital Mom story that appeared on the Today Show this morning (featuring CafeMom! and Heather Armstrong from

Do you consider yourself a Digital Mom? How digital is your household?


Our household is completely digitalized, and I love it. I like to call it an e-household.

I use my laptop with Internet, email, and IM to work from home, to manage our household calendars, to manage and pay our bills, to organize our family photos, to order diapers, to keep up with daily news and information, and yes, to socialize (blogs, email, Facebook, CafeMom, Flickr). I've even been known to IM my husband in the next room (okay, sometimes I take it too far).

And that's just the stuff I do every day.

+++ What about you? How digital is your household?

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