Dapple: The Clean Without the Chemicals


Looking for cleaning products that are safe for baby? Dapple's line of natural-based household cleaning products might be right for you.


Having a hard time figuring which cleaners are safe for baby? Yeah, it's tricky. And every mom has her comfort zone when it comes to cleaners. My husband, whose own mom was a bleach-o-holic, just soaked our kids' bath toys in bleach to clean them about a month ago, and I have to say that didn't sit so well with me.

So I was pretty excited to learn about Dapple—offering the clean without the iffy chemicals.

Dapple sent me some samples to try, and I do love the handy Toy Cleaner Wipes, especially the mild scent and the fact that they're made from biodegradable fabric. But mind you, I wiped off a lot more than toys with these babies. The Toy & Surface Cleaner spray also got lots of use, cleaning up milk spills and the like. I think I'll use it to clean the bath toys next time around. Plus, I think I'll give the Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid a go as our overall household dish liquid. Mostly cause it's natural and green, and I like that.

About Dapple:
Dapple productsUnlike other cleansers, Dapple toy cleaner is intentionally NOT anti-bacterial—getting toys thoroughly clean without harsh disinfectants, while still allowing kids to build healthy immune systems.

The Dapple products were created by two moms with the help of leading pediatricians and green chemists. They are designed not only to be baby-safe, but also baby-specific, using ingredients found in nature that have been proven to zero in on the unique residues that babies leave behind, from dried milk on bottles to sticky fingers on toys. Dapple also has NO synthetic dyes or fragrances and no harmful SLES, parabens, or phthalates.

Dapple is available at Diapers.com, Babies "R" Us, and baby boutiques nationwide. Products range from $5.99 to $6.99. 

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