Organize Your Home Decorating Ideas & Inspirations Digitally

idea book

Photo from Nesting Place

As shown over on Nesting Place, it's a nice idea to keep home decorating details and information all in one place, as well as design inspirations for the future.

I have been working on organizing my home-design details paper-free.


Am I a complete Type-A that for years I have kept a home decorating idea book, which also includes all my paint chips, measurements, receipts, etc. for past home improvement projects (don't answer that)? Well, I did. And it was fun!

But as I increasingly digilitalize my life and try to keep the clutter to a minimum, I've been scanning my paint chips, magazine tear sheets, and other home inspirations. And since I already maintain a Flickr account, I dedicated a private photo set, just for my house ideas and other information. I even have sets for garden and craft ideas I want to tackle.

On Flickr, I can organize these scans, as well as photos I take while I'm out shopping and clips grabbed off my favorite home design websites. Plus, for me and my small house, this means one less binder in the bookshelf!

+++ How do you organize your home decorating details and ideas?

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