Get Smart (or Smarter) About the Economy

As I've said before, I've been trying to stay "in the know" on the state of the economy as much as my "regular mama brain" can take it. Because mostly, I didn't *get* how the housing crisis happened in the first place. Well, thank goodness for the FREE podcats of This American Life radio show.

This American Life


These recent This American Life podcasts—all in simplified plainspeak—can help you make sense of the American economy, where it's been and how we got into such a big mess!

Listen to these two This American Life podcasts, found via J.D. at Get Rich Slowly:

List to this This American Life podcast, found via Amy at a small goodness:

After listening, I understand like a fraction of the big picture I'm sure, but it feels good to know a little something, especially in such scary times.

+++ How do you educate yourself and stay "in the know" about the state of the economy?

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