Turn Your Kids Art into Wall Art for Your Home


Photo by tess-n-co

CafeMom tess-n-co used an old frame to turn her daughter Madeline's artwork, crafts, treasures, and photos into a great piece of artwork for her home.

For awhile, tess-n-co has been looking for unique and creative wall art to spruce up her beige walls. She recently used this salvaged frame from a broken mirror to create a place for her daughter's favorite things. Doesn't it make cute wall art too?

Love this manageable art space you created for your child, tess-n-co! And what inventive creative reuse of an old frame.

You can read more from tess-n-co on her blog tess&co.

girl, wall art

Madeline loved picking her favorite things

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Julie... Julie411me

Oh this is darling!  Good for you. 

I started saving my kids' artwork and I still display it in my basement rec room even though my kids are big kids now! (14, 17, 22)   Oh, they pretend to be embarrassed but they love it.  The count up to see who has the most.  The opposite wall in my basement is covered with all their sports memorabilia.  I'm still adding to both walls!

I'm going to put pics on my journal later if you want to see. 

Oh, and your daughter is precious! 

LilSt... LilStar9905

I absolutely love this idea! Thanks for this wonderful idea!

gitan... gitanomadre

 Did you just put the fram on the wall   did you put something behind it  ?   give me details  I  am so impressed   !

tess-... tess-n-co

look how great it looks! i had an old frame that broke 7 years ago (no, really!) and i've been dragging it around with me from apartment to apartment. i couldn't seem to part with it.

it's just hung on the wall and madeline gets to pick what goes in it. i was going to paint a magnetic chalk boad behind it but we have a giant chalk board wall in the next room and i thought that'd be a little much. i'm still thinking about covering a cork board in pretty fabric and hanging it behind the frame. but for now i think it's very sweet.

gitan... gitanomadre

I love it tess and you have inspired me  I have a few old frames  I found in a house I  rehabed one time   I  have a few diferent ideas for using them now  ,    

islan... islandwalker

I did the same thing, but I finally got around to spraying it black and putting corkboard in mine.  It is in my new office and looks so "grown up" and still has my dd's artwork on it, along with ideas for projects, etc., and keeps it all neat and tidy! (my dd is almost 18, now, too!

carri... carrie_grace

great job momma!!! ps. madeline is a doll!

jessi... jessica102883

it fabulous! great job tess.

CoolB... CoolBeans

That is pretty awesome. Look at your creative Lou!

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