A Happy Family Is Not the One Who Spends Most


Photo by slsawyer74

Emily's recent What Matters Most post over at Remodeling This Life, about her son's simple second birthday weekend, was a nice reminder for me this week.

No day's happiness in the life of this family will ever be valued on how much money we spend. Not ever.


Emily writes:

"My kids don’t care how much money we have or how much money we spend. My son just had a weekend full of birthday celebrations. I baked cupcakes to take to the park so he could run around with friends and cover his face in chocolate all in one morning. Cost? $3. Friday night, we made another cake and gave him a couple of his favorite things—a couple puzzles and a toy car. Cost? $18. He doesn’t care what something costs—he just enjoyed being around smiling family and friends and having a day that was his."

Ahhh, that's right. That is what it's all about. Thank you for the reminder, Emily.

+++ What's your favorite way to spend time at home with family?

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