Make Spring Cleaning a Family Activity

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"If you want all the days of your lives to seem sunny as summer weather, make sure, when there's housework to do, that you do it...together!"

—"Housework," Carol Channing, Free to Be...You and Me soundtrack

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be just another "MOM JOB." While you may never be able to make cleaning FUN, you can make it a family activity.


You vacuum and mop the entire house and then your husband goes walking around munching crackers. Grrr. I hate that. I notice things work out a lot better after a house cleaning when more people are involved in the cleaning.

Now there's not much hope (yet) for my two-year old's kind of help; however, my six-year old will be enlisted for bigger cleaning events this year. He can go on toy hunts around the house, collecting the gazillion small toys under beds and couches so we can do a thorough vacuum. He can also put them all away when he's done. He can strip beds and organize disheveled books or he can entertain his brother in the backyard while we clean indoors.

My husband and I have always been a good cleaning team. The bad part is we're also excellent collaborators on the Cleaning Procrastination Project. LOL.

Anyway, I say make a Spring Cleaning list for everyone in the family, set to his or her ability level. And have everybody do their part.

What about you? Any tips for making spring cleaning a family activity?


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