The 5 Things I Can't Wait to Clean Come Spring


Spring cleaning, bring it on!

With daylight savings finally here and more days of blue blue skies, I've been bit by the spring fever bug.

The minute it's warm enough to throw open the windows for the afternoon, I'm going to start spring cleaning my winter heart out.

(Oh my... I never thought I'd utter such a sentence!)


My 5 Most-Anticipated Spring Cleaning Projects:

  • Front Porch: Mmm, I love a clean front porch, freshly hosed off and free of cobwebs and winter debris. It's like my way of saying, Welcome, Springtime!
  • Back Patio: A clean back patio signals newness for me. It means the boys can play outside longer in the evenings, and we can soon enjoy family meals around the picnic table. This year, I hope it will also mean more time in my garden.
  • Closet: I'm officially two+ years past my last baby. I can't wait to hit the closet hard. There are the items I now *know* I will never fit into again (nor do I want to), as well as the oversized postpartum items I can finally bid farewell.
  • Windows: I know it's strange to *want* to tackle the windows; however, this is the year for a good window cleaning. Believe me, it's been skipped over long enough.
  • Clutter: There is no room for clutter in our little home and no time for clutter in our busy lives. Clutter not only takes up much-needed space in my small house but also in my overcrowded brain. If we don't use it, out it goes, come springtime!

+++ What about you? What spring cleaning projects are you looking forward to this year? (If you say, None! I will totally understand... Believe me, cleaning eagerness has been dormant in me for some time...)

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