Are Those With Less Better Prepared to Weather a Poor Economy?

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My husband and I are definitely feeling the sorry state of the economy, but not as much as some. When you don't have a lot to lose, you can't lose a lot.

I just read this Boston Globe article So maybe the slackers had it right after all, and now I wonder if we're able to hold on tight and sustain right now because it's familiar territory—because we're "slackers" at heart.


I don't really consider myself a slacker—even though I feel that terminology for intelligent underachievers, at least in the traditional sense of achievement is, a little harsher than the reality—because I have gone after the traditional American dream—the career, the house, the car, the kids, the pets. We just did it minimally.

We live in a house that fits us just right and drive cars just the same. With our jobs that feed the heart sometimes better than the family—my husband's in coffee and mine as a writer—we haven't lost any real estate or any money on the stock market. Other people's staples were already our luxury items, and I already like to buy things used.

Sure, we're just two jobs in a horrific job market away from being in a real financial mess. And I feel, in our small realm, we do have a lot to lose. But if it happened (knocking wood really hard) and with the knowledge we have from of living on less, we hope we could recover our mimimal life in time.

+++ What about you? If you've been living on less, do you feel you're better prepared to weather a poor economy?

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