Have You Gone Green?

Photo by momof3angela

That's the million dollar question all right—have you gone green? In your home? What about in your garden? That's the poll being put forth by babyjakesmama over in the CafeMom Polls.

As a spoiled city-dweller with weekly garbage and recycling pickup, I'm really out of touch with the rest of the world. I just returned from my family's place in the Virginia countryside and was shocked to realize it's not so easy even to simply recycle there.

Of course, I don't want to look at what we're *NOT* doing for the environment. Remember even the small stuff is BIG when we're all doing it. Today, let's celebrate what we *ARE* doing to help the planet—even if it seems small.


Five Eco-Friendly Changes My Family's Made This Year:

  1. Cloth napkins. Seriously, with the amount of laundry we already do, a few napkins don't even make a dent. This goes for using rags and small towels rather than paper towels whenever possible too.
  2. Cold water washes. Prevents colors from fading, and I read somewhere that many detergents like Tide are made for cold water washes anyway.
  3. Weekly produce box subscription from a local farm. This means less fossil fuels and more nutritional and season-ripened produce, and it keeps my husband from buying those apples all the way from New Zealand.
  4. White vinegar for mopping. Honestly, many of the other "fresh smelling" cleaners made me sneeze. A lot. I'm sneezy.
  5. Paper reduced. I get all my bank statements and bills online now, and I "just say no" to ATM and gas station receipts. I love this way of living because it's such a clutter reducer too, and most companies keep an archive online so you don't have to. Say goodbye to adding one more shoebox full of this stuff to your household.

Name five eco-friendly changes you've made in your household and/or garden this year. C'mon, show us what you got. Even if your approach to greener living seems small or obvious, not everyone may have thought of it.

You can find lots of other good eco-friendly tips and discussions in the Green Mommas group. And if going green seems costly, get inspired further over in the Organic & Green Life on a Budget group.

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