A Modern Glider Rocker: Not an Oxymoron Anymore


The traditional granny-esque Glider Rocker is finally getting a makeover. Forever, it seemed like you had to pay oodles for more contemporary version. Turns out, after a little look around, there is some good news in terms of finding a more updated Glider Rocker chair for the nursery and baby—and, in some cases, you may want to keep it around beyond the baby years too.



For a dear friend in need of a versatile Glider Rocker, cute enough to put in her living room, I put together this list of more attractive and modern-looking Glider Rockers, which can blend in with your other furniture and are, well, affordable—but only as far as Glider Rockers go. Most Glider Rockers fall into the luxury gear price range for most, I'd say. But check out eBay and Craigslist for new or gently used ones before you write them off as "too expensive" or pay full price.

Here's the roundup of modern-looking Glider Rockers:

I love the upholstered look here. For one, these Gliders can "be seen" outside the nursery and stick around your living room past the baby years. And for what Gliders cost, that's a definite plus.


glidergliderrocker gliderglider


1) Newco Cozy Round Back Glider, $379.88 at Walmart, 2) Chocolate Marshmallow Glider, $399.99 at Babies "R" Us, 3) Rock-A-Bye Micro Fiber Upholstered Glider, $379.99 at Babies "R" Us, 4) Chloe Upholstered Glider, $299.99 at Target.


Here are a few of the more traditional-looking wood and cushion Glider Rockers but with a more contemporary look. These Gliders are pretty great looking!


glider rocker

gliderglider rocker


1) DwellStudio Mercer Glider, $179.99 at Target, 2) Glider & Ottoman Combo, $299.99 at Babies "R" Us, 3) Glider & Ottoman Set, $229.99 at JCPenney.


And if money were no object (cause I like to play that game), you can bet I'd be sitting and rocking and gliding in this lovely one, infant or no infant. She's so pretty!


glider rocker1) DuTailier Chenille Glider, $469.99 at Target.


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