Your Current Home: Love it or Hate It?

The Design on a Dime Moms are currently talking about whether they like or dislike their current homes.

How do you feel about your current home?


This question is a little tricky for me because I really do love our home. It's pretty much the style I like, and I can totally live with the small 1,300 square-foot size.

I just don't like all the toys and junk everywhere. I don't like that our couch has milk stains. I don't always appreciate sharing a bathroom with a 6-year old boy. As a mom with two young kids, I always feel stuck between wanting a neat and tidy house that looks great and one that feels and is comfortable for everyday family life.

Just yesterday my husband hyperventilated about a fort I built out of sheets and blankets in the boys' room. He wanted to take it down to "restore some order to this place!" (I laugh silently at this). I wanted to leave the fort up a few days (if it keeps them happy and out of my hair for 10 minutes, puh-lease leave it up another day!).

Every mom more practiced and wiser than me tells me that this period of having young kids is short. That it goes by so fast. I try to hang onto that most days and know that I will have plenty of time to have a super-cute house later. For now, I'm going to just keep bookmarking cute home ideas I want to add, and we're just going to, you know, live here.

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