Two Decorative DIY Projects Even I Could Do


Love both these pretty and artful decorative pieces, found recently over at Black Eiffel, that make for great DIY inspiration (and easy enough that even someone with my moderate DIY threshold could do them):

1) Fabric Numbers Poster

Isn't this poster of fabric numbers adorable? I think this craft would be a fun DIY project, and I love any DIY project that allows you to have fun with pretty fabric but doesn't require sewing skills. Just think of all the different kinds of wall art you could create, using different shapes, letters, numbers, words, or names—something for any room in the house.


Erin Jang poster, as seen on Black Eiffel

2) Scrap Wood Coat Rack Tree

I love the look of this free-form coat rack tree, made from scrap wood. It's a lovely work of art that's functional too. I think this could be a lot of fun to build. Nice birds too.

coat hanger

Tree Coat Hanger, as seen on Black Eiffel

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islan... island_rose

thanks for giving me an idea about these things....

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

The tree coat hanger may be one of the best ideas I ever saw for a coat hanger. I love it!

Now I wonder if my landlord would mind all those holes in the walls....

rocke... rockerchic

Wow! Those are GREAT!

mommy... mommyyyyy

They are nice.

Lumin... LuminousMom

those are so amazing!!

jennm... jennmarie77

I love, love, love the coat tree.  I may have to show that to my husband and tell him I would love that in our utility room when and if we ever get it finished (we'd have to start first).

GaRag... GaRagdoll

I love this idea! I have a retail Nursery and just added an old Cypress floor.. This would look great on the cypress wall with birdhouses hanging on it! You could add shelves on some of the limbs to set the birds on, also.. Thanks.. I'll give it a try!!!


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