How DIY Can You Go Around the House?

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Around your home, are you a DIY Extraordinaire or a DIY Hater? Or somewhere in between? Where do you fall on the do-it-yourself spectrum?

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I've been thinking lots about this Apartment Therapy post What's Your DIY Threshold? Cause we all must have our limits? Right?

I know how I am. I get dismayed when my sister-in-law, a brilliant cook, says a delicious meal is "easy to make" and then lists five or more steps to getting a dish made. My brain goes into overload just thinking about it. I know myself, and I have pretty much no threshold for cooking.

When it comes to DIY, I'm probably somewhere in the middle. I like the easier projects. I'll pick up a paintbrush or a glue gun. I've also ripped up wall-to-wall carpet. My husband and I did a lot of our own kitchen remodel, which included ripping off tile countertops and cutting and laying a tile floor (granted, that was pre-children; my threshold post-children is a LOT less). In most cases, I draw the line when it comes to power tools. Oh alright, I'm afraid of sewing machines too...


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