Obama's Foreclosure Prevention Plan: Will It Help You Keep Your Home?




Lots of news yesterday on President Obama's foreclosure prevention plan.

If you're a struggling homeowner, will his plan help you keep your home?






We interrupt this Home & Garden blog, which is usually full of lovely pretty things, to talk about the housing crisis (seriously, people, one family member has already lost her home).

I'm no economic expert (duh), but I've been reading lots about this foreclosure prevention plan and who it's aimed to help, trying to make sense of all the talk–for and against.

The plan is not designed to help everyone for sure, but hopefully it can give some homeowners teetering on the edge of foreclosure the help they need to stay in their homes.

Here's a little what I've been reading:


+++ What do you think of President Obama's new foreclosure plan? Does it look like a plan that will help you or someone you know stay in her home?


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