An Unexpected Guest Calls. She's in the Neighborhood. What Do You Clean First?


wash room, laundry room

When hit with a surprise "attack" of an unexpected guest, do you immediately stick dirty dishes in the oven? Quickly vacuum up the big chunks? Hide laundry under the bed? Stick toys between the couch cushions?

Please don't tell me you throw open the door with open arms and offer up a fresh baked cookie... I might have to cry a little.

Take the poll.

I want to know. If a not-so-understanding friend or family member decides to pop over with little notice, which room do you clean first?


On short notice of a surprise guest's arrival, the room that I would clean first would definitely be my....

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Peajewel Peajewel

I always go for the bathroom.  When you friend arrives you can always say "I cleaned this living room three times today and my kids just keep pulling things out" but you can't really do that with the bathroom.  So, I make sure that room is clean first and then work my way out.

tabytha tabytha

i voted kitchen. you can always place blame, baby running around, huband forgot the bathroom and the trash. BUT the kitchen! i think dirty dishes kill a lived in apperance, to just pig sty.     ME>

AmaliaD AmaliaD

i feel no need to hide the mess, i work full time, i live about 30 min away from fam.... if they wanna stop by without much notice i dont feel bad about it.

LisaJ... LisaJ8720

I clean the bathroom first, then kitchen! I have a 4 year old son, so I have to make sure the potty is umm... clean (otherwise known as pee-free!) before people stop by! LOL!

pagirl71 pagirl71

I'd pick up the living room and the downstairs bathroom. Heck I have three kids and a dog. I clean all the time and it's still messy. LOL>

tanek... tanekadee

I do the living room, kitchen and bathroom.  I too have a 4 year old son, so I totally understand about the pee situation.

pride... pride4mom

NOPE, not into cleaning for drop in company...See the drop in is apologing for droping on me.....My house is clean enought for my family which is more important to me than anybody who could drop in.  If you drop in on me and my house cleaning don't suit you then of course you are welcome to pitch right in adn help out with any thing you wnat. I'll point you direction of cleaning supplies,broom closet,vacuum, even sewing notions and such. Then I will use the time to spend some quality time with my grandson...I will of course make you something to drink.......LOL  Angel

tess-... tess-n-co

I've started something new (last night). Instead of me taking most of the morning to clean up yesterday's mess, we have a clean-up party before bed. It gives my little one a chance to get the silly's out before bed. She gets to run about the house putting her treasures in their places. It helps everyone out. In themorning it's a fresh palette. If the un-invited drops in I won't be in rubber gloves and an apron and my toddler won't be glued to NOGGIN. Instead we'll be coloring, crafting, building a fort... ya know... the things i can get away with easily if it's a bit messy.

Cardd... Carddealinmom

I ALWAYS start with the bathroom.  If that's gross or messy.. it can be VERY embarassing.. plus it only takes a few minutes to clean up.  From there I go to the first room they'll be in to the first room they'll sit in. :)  Kitchen then living room.

bethe... bethelann2004

   No, don't clean the bathroom first! Stick some Lysol wipes under the sink, and a few minutes after your company arrives, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. You can clean it then!

   Other than that, light a candle, pick up any large pieces of trash on the floor, kick all the toys to the corner of the living room, hide dirty dishes in the oven, or a box in the bedroom :)  Can you tell I've done this before?!

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