Do You Procrastinate Cleaning or Use Cleaning to Procrastinate?


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I'm you clean to procrastinate doing other tasks or procrastinate cleaning altogether?

I definitely fall into the latter category.

I once watched an episode of Oprah about women who were pack rats and hoarders, and, on the flip side, neatniks and obsessive cleaners. I'll never forget this one mom saying with undeniable shame that she cleaned the house to avoid playing and interacting with her children. I found myself in awe of her when I think I was supposed to feel shame along with her.

I mean, I only wish I could do something so wonderfully constructive, like clean my house top to bottom, when I wanted to avoid doing a puzzle with my children. Instead, I just find myself ducking around corners and using other unproductive avoidance tactics. "Look M&Ms!"

Mostly, I'll use anything I can to avoid vacuuming or scrubbing the bathtub. Since I work from home, work is always a good excuse *not* to clean the house. "I'm busy working! No time!"

So this means I only get around to cleaning the house when I really really want to avoid work. See? Makes sense, right?

+++ What about you? Do you procrastinate cleaning the house or use cleaning the house to procrastinate?

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Joran... Joran1025

Yes, I definitely procrastinate.  Right now, our kitchen and hallway are full of pine needles all over the floor.  We have so many pine trees shedding around us, itslike my house floors are a magnet to pine needles!  For the past almost 2 years now, I haved kind of lost "my will" that I have alway had, to keep a spotless house.  I got to be so tired and energyless all th could not find anything wrong with me.  But, we belong to an HMO and the doctors are only allowed 15 max.with a patient and how can they thoroughy examine anyone in that time?  I recently found out I have diabetes.  I am in shock.  My primary care doc just called me up and told me matter-of-factly over the phone.  Didn't make an appointment to see me or give me a special diet or instructions or anything.  I am going to start looking for anew doctor  within the areas our insurance/HMO has/  Dh has Hep C....I guess we are all living on borrowsed time, so to speak- and God bless.  Joran5157

Diann... Dianne1259

I clean other peoples homes for a living, when I come home I am tired!  I also go to school two nights a week so I do procrastinate cleaning for as long as I can stand it, the only other problem, belive it or not, is that I am Obsessive Compulsive so when I DO get moving to clean my home I toss everything in the way!!

Austinka Austinka

My answer is yes...I procrastinate on some cleaning, like bathroom scrubbing and laundry, but I keep the kitchen and living room cleaned up.  When it comes to playing with the kids or sex with my husband, my mind wanders to excuses of cleaning and organizing.  So, while I procrastinate on the deep cleaning, I use it to procrastinate on things I should be enjoying.

emslala emslala

I have a wonderful procrastination tool- it's called "CafeMom"... 
Speaking of which, I should be doing laundry ATM  :)

Momof... Momof3cuties

I too work from home...however, I cannot function in a messy house.  I find it really hard to concentrate when all around is chaos!  I usually get up & start my daily routines, then sit down to work b/c I can fully concentrate on my work when I am not looking at the mess anymore. 

Cafe... Cafe Kierna

To do list: Get rich, hire maid.

jennm... jennmarie77

I'm like emslala, I procrastinate with CafeMom.  I hate to clean, but I love the look of a clean house, I just don't want to be the one doing it. 

My hubby was wonderful yesterday.  He did 7 loads of laundry, folded and put them away.  That's all laundry i should have done Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  All days when I was on CafeMom instead working on my groups.  He is so wonderful he doesn't say a word about it, but I do feel guilty about it.

dalve... dalvenjah

i do both. use cleaning to procrastate if theres someone i dont want to see or an errand i dont want to do.

But mostly I procrastinate cleaning, because hey lets face it, it sucks. It feels great to come home to a clean house, but no one wants to be the one who did the work, right? So I usually A) reward myself when i finish a task, or a room, I work with music, and now that my 2 year old is somewhat (i use this loosly) helpful I have him do small jobs and make he feel good. But What ive noticed the most.


I clean better and faster when I'm irritated or angry. hubby ticked me off? I'm a storm putting my house in order, paid a bill and the Customer service person was rude? I scrub the crap out of my dishes...

things like that.

nonmember avatar Andrea

I believe that I clean to procrastinate living my life, I will stay home and clean my house top to bottom rather that go...anywhere. I have a daily routine, I cannot think clearly with clutter. It's probably because my mother NEVER cleaned and my home growing up was so chaotic. I like the security of knowing I can control how clean my house is if nothing else.

nonmember avatar Noel Figart

I'm self-employed. While I am not naturally neat, I learned to be because I have a terrible habit of procrastinating by cleaning. This way starvation would lie. If I keep the house habitually clean, I've got not choice but to buckle down and get to work!

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