Do You Procrastinate Cleaning or Use Cleaning to Procrastinate?

child, vacuum

Photo by akme10607

I'm you clean to procrastinate doing other tasks or procrastinate cleaning altogether?

I definitely fall into the latter category.


I once watched an episode of Oprah about women who were pack rats and hoarders, and, on the flip side, neatniks and obsessive cleaners. I'll never forget this one mom saying with undeniable shame that she cleaned the house to avoid playing and interacting with her children. I found myself in awe of her when I think I was supposed to feel shame along with her.

I mean, I only wish I could do something so wonderfully constructive, like clean my house top to bottom, when I wanted to avoid doing a puzzle with my children. Instead, I just find myself ducking around corners and using other unproductive avoidance tactics. "Look M&Ms!"

Mostly, I'll use anything I can to avoid vacuuming or scrubbing the bathtub. Since I work from home, work is always a good excuse *not* to clean the house. "I'm busy working! No time!"

So this means I only get around to cleaning the house when I really really want to avoid work. See? Makes sense, right?

+++ What about you? Do you procrastinate cleaning the house or use cleaning the house to procrastinate?

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