Pink & Red Handmades from CafeMom Etsy Moms

heart bowl

Sweetheart Bowl, $15 at SheaClay (CafeMom gvillekilnbilly)

I guess it's Valentine's Day's fault. I can't stop looking at all the pinks and reds and reds and pinks—lovely, pretty things for around the house and beyond.

Here are some of the recent handmade beauties from our very own CafeMom Etsy Moms. Support a crafter mom. Indulge your need for reds and pinks.


totecoffee sleeveapronsoapspincushionfabric strawberries

1) The Sarah Tote, $28 at inklore (CafeMom inklore); 2) Red & White Flower Coffee Sleeve, $8 at What's Up Your Sleeve (CafeMom Hunter44); 3) Red Dots Towel Apron, $8 at Baby Elle Boutique (CafeMom melsnider); 4) Valentine's Gift Soap Special, $8 at SubEarthan Cottage (CafeMom ashuiren); 5) Pincushion in Vintage Red, $12 at Buddy Designs (CafeMom Runninmomma); 6) Play Strawberries, $16.50 at ae baby (CafeMom aebaby).

Pink and red, you are so yummy!

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