Discover Your Personal Home Decorating Style

vintage modern

Photo from Sproost

Curious how to describe your personal home decorating style? I always have been.

Thank goodness there's a personal style quiz that can help.


The other day, on my 25 Random Things About My House post, I called my personal home decorating style "creative dirty mish-mash-ist"—for lack of better words. I was so happy to discover, via decorology, this Personal Style Quiz on Sproost—finally, some home design vocabulary to put on my home decorating habits.

Turns out, I am 67% Vintage Modern and 33% Nantucket (Nantucket... really?).

But again, this analysis is based on what home decor I like and not necessarily what I have in my home. Hee hee. Working on bringing those two things closer together...

To also find out how you approach creative projects, take this Creativity Quiz.

+++ What's your personal home decorating style? How well do you think you achieve this style in your home?

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