Seed Up & Celebrate National Bird-Feeding Month

Sheri Reed

Photo by Cafe Sheri

February is National Bird-Feeding Month. Do you have your birdseed out?


I already shared about the upcoming Great Backyard Bird Count, February 13-16, and I'm gearing up my own backyard so we can participate. Plus, it's National Bird-Feeding Month, which is pretty fun.

Of course, I have already failed miserably in my bird feeder preparations.

I tried to put seed out in dishes on a small ledge (not accessible to squirrels or cats). I'm getting NO ACTION, and I realized it's probably the dishes. And the window. And I also read that the proximity to the window could also put the birds in danger of flying into them. Ugh. My small hanging feeder is getting a little more action but not much. It's not covered, so perhaps my seed got soggy... *sigh*

So I have a lot to learn. And now I have to make or change out my bird feeders right away. My advice for your new bird feeder? Read first. Set up second.

Want to set up a bird feeder in your backyard, read these quick articles first:

+++ What about you? Do you have a bird feeder in your backyard? Does it get much bird action?

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