Modern LOVE Decor for Your Valentine's Day Home

we are so good together poster

Poster from ReForm School

After finding some modern Heart Decor that made me swoon, I set out to find some other LOVEly items for the Valentine's Day home.


Sure, you can always decorate in the traditional pink and red and hearts and lace, but you can also find some simple Valentine's Day decor items with a modern twist. I love small things with big flair and items that can stay out longer than Valentine's Day, you know, cause who really needs another holiday box in the closet?

Love Art

I luh-uv all this lovey dovey artwork—a few pretty things to hang on Valentine's Day or throughout the year.

Samantha Hahn, I Love You printLa La Love You poster

(starting at top) 1) We Are So Good Together poster (11x19), $36 at ReForm School; 2) I Love You with Feather Pattern Letters print (8x10), $25 in Samantha Hahn's Etsy shop; 3) La La Love You poster (11x17), $10 at SparklePower; 4) Happily Ever After banner, $35 at Bird and Bear.

Other Hearty Faves

Personally I love a flashy red heart or other simple surprise decor items. Just a pretty little reminder that love lives here in this home.

heart towelheart hot water bottlerecycled sweater wreath

1) Heart Block Print Towel, $12 at Indie Fixx Shop; 2) Heart Warmer Hot Water Bottle, $14.95 at Spoon Sisters; 3) Love Pillowcase Set, $17.99 at Target; 4) Recycled Sweater Valentine Wreath, $30 at Dreaming Giggles.

+++ Do you decorate your home for Valentine's Day? Tell us about it.

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