25 Random Things About My House

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Playing off of Facebook's wildly popular "25 Random Things About Me" meme (don't miss the fun spinoff in TIME "25 Things I Didn't Want to Know About You"), I thought I'd tell you a little about me. Well, about my house. Which, in turn, will tell you a little bit about me. :)


Here are 25 Random Things About My House:

  1. Our house was built in 1926. 
  2. We are at least the 10th owners of this house.
  3. At least one of the previous owners died while he owned this house. I am not sure if he died *in* this house though.
  4. My house does not appear to be haunted.
  5. I like to think my style is vintage cottage minimalist but really it's creative dirty mish-mash-ist.
  6. When we remodeled our kitchen ourselves about 9-10 years ago, we found a hidden trap door to the basement.
  7. Our basement is creepy. I have always been afraid to go down there alone. This year, I've tried to get over it.
  8. We have an original built-in spice rack cupboard in the kitchen.
  9. I want to paint my kitchen white. It's currently a too-light green that I never really liked.
  10. In my office, an added-on sunroom that precedes us, there's a sealed-up door and a sealed-up window that used to be the backside of the house. The frames are still there, painted the same color as the room. On the interior side of the sealed-up window, someone built in shelves.
  11. My office is a least 10 degrees hotter/colder than the rest of the house.
  12. My office is all windows.
  13. I want to paint my office white. It's currently a color I call Burnt Sienna.
  14. We have one bathroom.
  15. Our toilet is newer than 1926, but I'd still like a new one. And this floor.
  16. Our fireplace takes up one quarter of our living room/dining room. In other words, it's big and makes our living room more of an entry way than a living room.
  17. My bedroom is turquoise blue.
  18. There is wallpaper and many layers of paint underneath the turquoise.
  19. We have a walk-in closet that boggles my mind for a 1920s house. Closets were not the priority then. 
  20. I want to paint the boys' floor white.
  21. The boys' room used to have red trim. I can tell when because they have caused havoc and chipped the walls in places.
  22. Our attic, if finished, could make for a very nice space for a short person (have I mentioned that I am 5' 1"?).
  23. We have a detached garage where my husband paints and roasts coffee.
  24. I am embarrased by how many weeds are in our front garden. But not so embarrassed that I go weed it.
  25. We have many flowers left from previous owners, including lovely roses, camellias, tulips, irises, gladiolas, and my favorite pale pink peonies (I get around 5-7 a year).

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