The Dog Ate My...

puppy eating

Jango devours her favorite blue toy.

Cafe Kim, here, covering for Cafe Sheri!

My husband and I adopted a 6-month-old puppy named Jango two weeks ago. It's been loads of fun, minus the emergency trip to the vet early Friday morning when we awoke to discover that Jango had eaten her blanket. Really?  A house full of tasty treats, and my pup eats her blanket?


Thankfully, Jango is just fine. She needed a few minor procedures—I'm not really sure what procedures exactly, all I know is that it cost (GULP) $140—but now she is happy and healthy and eager to cause more destruction.

I realize, of course, that we were very lucky. Our pup is OK, and the damage and vet bills could have been way more serious. As I was sitting in the vet's office, a few other patients' owners shared with me their things their dogs had devoured—CDs, DVDs, wallpaper, dry wall. This teeny, tiny beagle had eaten three dog beds! (Now, she sleeps on the floor.)

Dogs really do eat the craziest things. My vet told me his dog ate a baseball cap and it passed through, brim and all. Impressive.


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