How Often Do You Clean the Shower?

how often do you clean the tub

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Hello! It's Cafe MicheleZ filling in for Cafe Sheri who is hopefully relaxing in the sun right now.

I want to talk about my most dreaded household chore the shower. Cringe! Let me first say that I love a clean tub -- and I think my husband looks really sexy when he's scrubbing away at the tiles (that's what I tell him to try to convince him to do it). But it's hard for me to muster the energy to clean it myself. And I even love cleaning. I find it therapeutic.  


Give me the toilet, cat liter box, heck, even a dozen babies with dirty diapers and I will be happier cleaning any of those things than the tub. OK, maybe not a dozen.

So that's the deal I made with my husband. Let me do my cleaning on the weekend mornings without interruption and he can do the tub when I ask. Because he has this magic ability to not notice things that are dirty, I have to tell him when it's time. Does your partner have that magic ability, too?

I set him up with all he needs -- rubber gloves, cleaning products, sponges, and a toothbrush (for the crevices) -- and he makes the shower sparkle.

How often do you clean the shower? And who does the cleaning?


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