Will Not Rest Until I Have This Floral Hexagon Tile Pattern

I love this floral hexagon tile pattern. I want it in my bathroom. The end.

Just kidding...more after the jump...


Yep, I want to do things to my house. Like I still want to paint the boys' wood floor white. And I want to remodel our bathroom.

However, we're in the "dream" stage of our home lives, rather than the "do" stage. There's not a lot of time or money right now, which is fine cause our 2-year old still manages to break and ruin things daily. And the economy is in the toilet (no pun intended). Best to wait.

I'm filing this floral tile pattern away though for the "someday" bathroom remodel, which will hopefully result in two bathrooms.

Hey, why not dream big, right?

+++ What are your big dreams for the home today? C'mon dream big.

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