Thoughts for a Happy Home (+ Weekend)

Loved this quote found over at absolutely beautiful things. A great reminder not to plan a thousand things for one weekend.

And also some lovely quotes about parenting from Gwyneth's Paltrow's GOOP newsletter (yes, she has a newsletter).


From the GOOP newsletter, Thoughts on Parenting:

"The best present you can give [your child] is the availability of your mind. When your child feels you are thinking about them, they will experience being held and connected to you as if they are in your mind and they can similarly carry you in their mind.

So learn the art of just thoughtfully being there: noticing them, praising them or maybe doing simple things together. It could be a bedtime story, cooking and washing, or going to the park together. You could read books or newspapers to your child or simply notice what they’re doing. While they’re with you, they could draw, do their homework or just lounge around."

—Camila Batmanghelidjh, psychotherapist and founder of Kids Company.

Both of these quotes are lovely to keep in mind as we embark on another family-filled weekend, one that might be rainy or snowy or one in which you might be inclined to fill up with tons of stuff to do.

Here's a bit of permission to do some simple things at home or to just lounge around together. I mean, if you need some permission...

Love it.

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