Family of Four in a One-Bedroom Apartment - Could Your Family Make the Squeeze?

In this fascinating NYT piece "Move Up? Move Out? Families Squeeze In," we meet several city-dwelling families who are willing to give up household space for the city life.

The families interviewed live mostly in New York City, with one family residing in San Francisco, and have one to two children each with whom they share small quarters—several families of three and four living in one-bedroom apartments. Whoah!

Could you share small quarters with your family in order to live in the pricey city of your choice?


This kind of small space/big city living may seem tough or even unbearable to some, but in these cases, the families are living small purely by choice and based on their individual priorities (of course, there are plenty of families who don't have a choice about the size of their living space...). The parents interviewed for this story site lots of reasons for choosing a small space in a big city, including:

  • Neighborhood charm
  • Monthly savings
  • Close proximity to parks, shops, and restaurants
  • No commute to work
  • No time-consuming home or yard upkeep

Could you squeeze your family into a smaller space just to live in an expensive city? Do you do it? Why or why not? I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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