I Bought Myself a Valentine. Did You?

handmade feather Valentinefeather Valentine

I bought myself a Valentine—this handmade feather made of gray wool and backed with red polka-dot cotton from handcrafter Stephanie Congdon Barnes' shop (sorry, folks, they're sold out now...).

Isn't it beautiful? I heart my feather Valentine—even if it's from my own self.


Okay, so the cat's out of the bag (or the feather, in this case). Again. Because I already admitted to you that I bought myself a Christmas gift too.

But seriously, for years I just complained and whined that my husband didn't do anything (or anything good...or right...) for me for Valentine's Day. Now I've just taken matters into my own hands. Maybe it's giving up... Or maybe it's making myself happy—and sparing my brain hours of prolonged silent bitterness and my household from the outward version of the same.

My husband DOES make me coffee every single morning, makes most the good meals around here, grocery shops, and mops floors without complaining. So I'm keeping him. And this works for me.

+++ Did you buy yourself a Valentine? Tell us about it.

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