DIY Valentine's Day Craft Tutorial (PHOTOS)

heart craft tutorial

Today paper crafter Elise Blaha joins us to demonstrate an easy, inexpensive Valentine's Day craft tutorial that can result in adorable wall art, as well as Valentine's Day cards or invitations, and more. Totally kid-friendly too!


Elisa always does such fun and inspiring crafts. I fell in love with her handmade holiday crafts (oh, those wreaths!) in December. Now check out what she has come up with for our favorite February holiday.

Here's Elise...

Here is a fun and simple way to decorate for Valentine's day. This project would also translate well for making Valentine's Day cards or party invitations!

Using potatoes as stamps, I made four simple "paintings" to hang on my wall for the rest of February.

a large uncooked potato
ballpoint pen
inexpensive craft paint

potato craft valentines

Gather the craft supplies

I cut a large potato in half and then used a ballpoint pen to lightly carve the heart into the potato insides. The ink won't show, but the the carved heart shape will. With a kitchen knife, I carefully cut out the heart to give it about a half inch raised shape against the base of the potato.

potato craft valentines

Cut the heart shape into the potato

I filled paper plates with paint and then smeared the potato in the color, taking care that each part of the heart was covered before I stamped it down onto paper. For this project, I used brown craft paper cut to about 11x14 to fit inside my frames. Any paper would work well.

potato craft valentines

Press the heart stamp into the paint

potato craft valentines

Press the heart stamp firmly onto the paper

Varying the design patterns, but using just a few colors, helped to create a cohesive and fun wall decoration for Valentine's Day.

potato craft valentines

Frame your "heart art" for a lovely February decoration

Thank so much for sharing this project, Elise. Your Valentine's Day posters are so adorable and the "heart art" is easy and so much fun.

Elise Blaha and boyfriend Paul 

About Elise Blaha:
Elise is a paper craft enthusiast. She lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her boyfriend, Paul. Most of her time is spent trying to think of something new to make. She keeps a blog to chronicle her day-to-day adventures and share updates for her shop, enjoy design.



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