What's In Your Button Box?

button box

Grandma's button box, by Cafe Sheri

So happy to see this What's In Your Button Box? post over at resurrection fern. Because I heart a good button box.


Above is my grandmother's button box and one of my favorite things. I keep, well, mostly buttons in it. My own buttons and buttons leftover from my Grandma and also my Great Aunties. It'll soon become apparent that all of these women survived the Great Depression. They saved lots of buttons and other fun things off of garments, which I now treasure and can't ever throw away.

Here's some of what you'll currently find in my button box:

vintage buttons

Misc. vintage buttons and thread

brown buttons

Brown leather buttons and pearl belt buckles

white buttons

Pearl and white buttons and belt buckles

brass rings

Brass rings and things, probably saved off old garments

hospital bracelet

My newborn hospital bracelet, thimbles, silver beads, etc.

+++ Do you have a button box? What's in your button box?

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