Recycled Domestic Arts Tell Truths: Joetta Maue

exhausted linen

"exhausted" by Joetta Maue

I'm loving Joetta Maue's latest art pieces embroidered on repurposed linens and doilies and things. They put an honest and real spin on traditional domestic arts. 

(via our friend Rachel at Bling)


I have stacks of embroidered linens and doilies leftover from my grandmothers and great aunts, and I'm alway amazed how "chipper" they seem. I mean, come on, weren't there days that they wanted to embroider the words "Get me the heck out of here!" or "Use this to clean it yourself!" instead of another long line of pretty daisies?

Don't get me wrong. I *get* the need for daisies too. Some days, it feels like I would crawl miles through toys and spilled milk and wrestling, rambunctios boys to just...see... one...chain...of...pretty...daisies.


"doubt" by Joetta Maue


"I must survive this" by Joetta Maue


"Sometimes I feel like a maid and a wife" by Joetta Maue


"forgot about me...again" by Joetta Maue

Read about Joetta on her blog Little Yellow Bird, see more of her work at, and also visit Joetta's Etsy Store.

+++ If you were going to sew a little something on a doilie today, what would it be? C'mon we're telling truths now...

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