Domino Magazine Folds: A Moment of Silence Please

Yes, that's right. No more Domino magazine. Condé Nast decided to cease publication of, well, of my favorite home magazine!

I might have to go out for a chocolate milkshake to get over this one... Or maybe a donut with sprinkles. Sob!


Well, we kind of saw it coming. There were rumors. But I was in denial.

Since my post in November about the fall of home magazines, we have lost even more. Back then it was House & Garden, Home, and O at Home. Then Cottage Living went. Then Country Home said goodbye. Now Domino... Sharp declines in ad revenues are just making it near impossible for so many great magazines to stay afloat.

The March issue of Domino is deemed to the be the last, and the Domino website will come down as well.

Send me cookies. I am sad.

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