Bad News for Home Depot's Expo Design Center

Ugh...more layoff news. This time it's Home Depot making the cuts and closing stores.


First Linens 'n Things closed, then Mervyn's closed, and then Macy's closed some stores. And these stores aren't the only ones. The economic downfall has been awful. My husband lost his job in December but has luckily been able to accept a lesser position in the same retail company. In these times, we are forced to feel fortunate with less.

Now Home Depot is closing 34 Expo Design Center stores, 5 YardBIRDS, and some other design centers.

Let me tell you...this latest news hurts. Hurts a lot of people (7,000 to be exact) and their families.

Argh. What more can I say?

+++ Are you going to miss Home Depot's Expo Design Center? Or the YardBIRDS?

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