I Want to Paint the Floor White

white painted floor

Photo from Door Sixteen

I've been trying to control the urge. Which urge this time, you ask? Well, this time it's the urge to paint one of our hardwood floors white.

When we redid our boys' room last year, I wanted to paint their hardwood floor white. Paint hardwood, are you crazy?!! Well, this hardwood is in bad shape (probably the original from 1920 and has been through it), and we don't have the money to redo it now, and even if we did, I'm sure new floor would have to be put in. That said, I wanted to paint it. White. But my husband insisted on this leading to the floors "ruin." So I got a big IKEA rug instead.

Now Anna at Door Sixteen went and painted her floor white (she even provides a product lineup), and I'm jealous. That's it. I'm jealous. And I still want to paint the boys' floor white. Maybe more now, in fact.

Maybe I'll paint my office walls white. Or the kitchen. I got get this white paint urge out of my system...

+++ Would you ever paint your hardwood floors?



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06-07mom 06-07mom

i wouldnt because i like the look of wood but my mother has painted her floors colors before. even made a "rug" looked super cool. i would just do it if you want to and the floors are so bad

Cafe... Cafe Kierna

OMG! Exactly the same feeling Cafe Sheri. I want to paint the hard wood floor in one of my rooms white and got talked out of it! Grrr!

saint... saintjill64

I wouldn't do it on a kids room only because of the "mess factor" with little ones. I made the mistake of putting a white rug in my kids room when they were little. We ended up with a bunch of throw rugs on-top to hide the stains. I think you would be spending a lot of time cleaning it. How about the wood laminate floating floors. They have some great prices and look like wood. 

RanaA... RanaAurora

I would NEVER paint a wood floor.  That's blasphemy! :)

jennm... jennmarie77

White?  Really??? You like white???  Boys floors white?? Oh dear, if I would do that, they would be disgusting in a matter of days if not more like hours or minutes. 

I would do another color though.  We pulled up the carpet last year in our boys' room, however we didn't do anything to it though it needs to be done and I've suggested paint and dh just looks at me as if I'm crazy.  Doesn't matter really one of these days we'll be leveling the floors anyway, which means new flooring.

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

I painted my two bedroom floors (both hardwood) white - but I probably did it because they had already been painted (grey). (House is pre Cive War.)  I love the way they look. The rest of the house has hardwood floors that were never painted and so I didn't think about painting them. Oh - I painted the wood stairs white too. I like the white, but if you do it and you don't like it. Uh-oh. Big decision. But if the floors aren't in great shape anyway and you're still thinking about it a year later ...

Laura... Laurakb2420

I've got a friend who painted the floors in the foyer in a checkers pattern, leaving the natural wood for the dark part, and  white paint for the lighter.. looks great, and very classy! If it needs to be replaced anyway, then why not?? If you mess it up, or dont like it, then you could just throw a rug over it and get new floors when you get a chance!

coke2pep coke2pep

Tape it off and do the above! It sounds great!! Go for it!!

roach... roachiesmom

I could never, ever desecrate wood floors or wood paneling or wood cabinets in this manner.  Rana's right...that's just blasphemy.  In fact, I would kill for wood floors and paneling in this house.  It is physically painful to not have them. 

casse... casseopeia

Why not put masonite down and paint THAT white.  You could even do faux board lines to make it look like hardwood floors that have been painted white.  That way you won't be ruining the original hardwood which probably came from old-growth trees, now unavailable.  One day someone will want to restore those floors.

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