Messy House. Do You Blame the Kids?

Photo by Cafe Sheri

Be honest. Is your messy house all their fault?


We just got back from a weekend snow trip, and the house is a mess! The boys' toys are already strewn everywhere, and plus there's the unpacking and laundry and regular everyday messes.

I just found myself dreaming of a meticulous home again and then I looked down at my desk. What a disaster! At least four stacks of miscellaneous stuff. Can't blame the kids for that...Or can I? At least half a stack here is schoolwork. Hmm. What about the other 3.5 stacks?

I guess I'll hurry up and clean up my desk now, before they both get home from school, so I can tell them the messy house is all their fault. :)

+++ Tell the truth. Which came first, the messy house or the kids?

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