FREE: Reading Poetry Won't Cost You a Thing

If this winter weekend, you're snowed in, rained in, simply looking for some joy, look no further than Dallas Clayton.

Dallas Clayton is joy. He is also dad to a five-year old and wow, he can dream up a good story. Check out his poetry blog, his funny, funny and magical poems, his wonderful drawings. Find joy (and buy An Awesome Book).

Here are a few of my crafty favorites from Dallas.




Please print, cut into rectangles, and glue to the price tags
of select department store jackets:

This is a magic jacket.
It is made from six thousand melted pennies.
It weighs more than a baby goat
and has protected me from many rare spirits
thought to do harm to the circulatory system.
With this jacket, you will live forever.
Without it, you may never love again.
Use this jacket wisely.
It knows you well.



When you are up late
making art
and you are truly frustrated with your brains
you should pretend
that you are making crafts instead.

This way
you can still keep your bedroom messy
and paint all over your pants
but you won’t have to be as angry with your family
and you get to bake holiday cookies
without damaging your reputation.



I would like to make a quilt
as heavy as those vests you have to wear
when they take your x ray at the dentist
only full of small flowers instead of lead
like a lavender potpourri,
but big enough to cover my entire bed
and me as well.

No reason for this.
No marketing plan.

Just think it would feel nice.
Like being hugged
by a giant friend.

Here's a peek inside An Awesome Book.

(via Hannah)

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