Spending Hiatus: Could You Go on One for 3 Months?

fruit bowl

Photo from Simple Lovely

When blogger mama Joslyn of Simple Lovely announced her New Year's resolution to *not* buy anything non-essential for three months, she was surprised how many of her readers wanted to join in.


Read Joslyn's motivations here, which include doing a money and "stuff" cleanse, living more environmentally friendly, and finding truth in this great quote from a Washington Post article: "The greenest products are the ones you don't buy."

Joslyn has started a Spending Hiatus "support group" of sorts, and about 40 other bloggers have joined the fun. Watch her Spending Hiatus posts to see hers and the other participants' progress. This group has already inspired Sarah at Whoorl to crank out regular "what i'm NOT buying today" posts.

+++ What about you? Could you go three months without buying anything non-essential?

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