Bring Autumn Indoors

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Livi-Lou has put forth a fun question about Autumn Activities in her group Mother's Wisdom. She wants to know what things we CafeMoms do in the Fall: our Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall Harvest traditions, decorations, crafts, and celebrations. I'd love to see more of your responses.


Every September, I anxiously await the days when the summer heat falls away, and we can enjoy the outdoor beauty of Autumn time in October. For me, it's all about bundling up the kids and getting out in the world again.

But mostly, I love Fall because my boys and me are gatherers. We love to make little collections from our neighborhood and nature. It's always fun to find and study something new and different.

My two boys bring the Autumn season inside in the form of acorns, pretty leaves, seed pods, pine cones, and the spiky little balls off liquid amber trees. Add in a few pumpkins, and these finds make for great inexpensive Fall decorations on my end. We fill wooden bowls with the leaves and other seedling varieties. We fill jars with acorn collections. We've even been known to make little animals from our findings.

Make sure to share your favorite Fall activities over on Livi-Lou's Autumn Activities thread. And here's a place to share your favorite photos of Autumn.

In the comments below, I'd love to hear your ideas and tips for bringing Autumn indoors and turning your finds into crafts or seasonal decorations.


Image via Sheri Reed

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