NieNie: Her #1 House Tour & Her Amazing Story Continued

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Photo from Cookie

The story of NieNie (aka Stephanie Nielson)... It's an amazing one. Cookie recently released their Top 10 Favorite House Tours of 2008, and Stephanie's made #1. Her family's tragedy-turned-miracle story after her and her husband Christian survived a horrible plane crash is one that will make your heart cry and then leap up again with hope.

NieNie will "begin again" today by posting on her blog The NieNie Dialogues for the first time since the accident.


On August 16, 2008, blogger Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian, parents to four young children, were in a plane crash in Arizona. Christian's flight instructor, Doug Kinneard, died shortly after the accident. Stephanie sustained burns over 80% of her body and Christian over 30% of his body.

Stephanie's sister Courtney has chronicled the couple's long recovery and kept up NieNie's blog with archived entries and well wishes since August, and she and her husband and their family have taken care of the four Nielson children. The blogosphere has gone crazy sending love and support for NieNie.

Today we look forward to seeing where NieNie and her family's story goes next—with hope and with love.

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