Old Ironing Board = Cute Table

vintage ironing boards

Bakesale Betty photo from one take movie


And speaking of fun ideas for creative reuse...

Check out these ironing boards turned tables. Yep, the fabulous Bakesale Betty in Oakland, CA, uses old vintage ironing boards for sidewalk café tables. Love!


This ironing board reuse idea a nice idea for the backyard. Lots of ironing boards adjust to different heights too, so you can use them to serve food banquet style or to dine casually in the garden. The ones that drop really low can be used for a fun kids table.

You can also use a (sturdy) ironing-board-turned-table to spruce up and add a little display or shelf space to a narrow hallway or entry way. Weigh the ironing board down with a stack of oversized art books so the little ones don't take it over on their first pass.

Don't have a cute vintage one? Don't worry. Spray paint any unused (and sturdy) ironing board a fun, bright color and use it as a funky-cute table wherever you might need one.


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