Hello, Origami Club

OMG, have you been to the Origami Club? It's hours and hours and HOURS of paper-folding fun. I plan to spend the rest of my day over there...folding cute things...


origami starorigami persimmon

The Origami Club offers probably hundreds of FREE instructional origami how-to's (with step-by-step animation if you have Flash!)—from birds and animals and foods to furniture and clothing and Japanese lanterns—all ranked by difficulty. There are even useful items you can fold up, like boxes, business card cases, bookmarks, and baskets. The tea plate is a fave. There are even adorable printable Japanese papers.

Having a hard time getting this post done cause when I'm done, I'm off to fold. That's right, if you need me today (or tomorrow), I'll be having fun folding over in the Origami Club. Hopefully the boys can occupy themselves cause I'm not sharing. ;)

(via Daily Candy)

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