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Money, money, money...

I just want to hear some good news about money. Financial expert Suze Orman to the rescue!

Now through Thursday, January 15th, Suze's offering a FREE download of her book 2009 Action Plan on

(thanks for the sweet tip, Cafe Kristen!)

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Sick and tired of hearing bad news about money? I know I could sure use some good news. And on the home front, my husband and I could really use a turbo-boost on that budget thing we're supposed to be working on for 2009. In other words, I was quite pleased to hear about Suze Orman's FREE financial book download.

I've already downloaded my copy of Suze's book and sent my husband the link so he can too. Hopefully this will get us motivated to pay off debt, to save, and to save better (or, eh em, at all) for the boys' college and retirement.

[Download Suze Orman's book FREE here]

+++ How about you? Do you have any good FREE financial advice for us today?

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