16 Things to Make With a Cricut Maker

16 Things to Make With a Cricut Maker

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If making things from scratch appeals, the Cricut maker is one of the best tools available to crafters and DIYers. The Cricut maker is a sophisticated machine that handles many different materials, giving the user the ability to cut them in intricate designs and shapes. A Cricut handles balsa wood, leather, fabric, and paper, among the 300 different materials it can cut with incredible precision. There are several add-on tools that can be purchased for the Cricut that allow it to handle even more tasks and craft projects.

For the person who loves making crafts and gifts at home the Cricut maker is one that can be a lot of fun to use. Just imagine being able to take on a new craft project every day and having each different than the last. That's why crafters and DIY fans love the tool so much.

If there's a Cricut maker at home waiting to be used, or there's a debate going on about whether this tool is worth the cost, we've found 16 different things that could be made with a Cricut maker. Some are amazing for kids, others would be great gift ideas, and all are within the reach, thanks to the Cricut.

  • Iron-On T-Shirt


    We've all seen the T-shirts with the cute sayings all over social media. We spend time scouring the internet trying to find one for ourselves or our kids and close the web browser after realizing the effort is futile. Well, with a Cricut, parents can make their own T-shirts with the cute sayings. Easy peasy, too. 

  • Making Labels


    There is something amazingly calming about a home that is thoughtfully laid out, organized, and where everything has its proper place. With a Cricut maker, those labels for all the things can be even prettier and fancier than we ever though possible. These can be done really simple and modern, or can go for a more quirky style. Whatever floats the organizational boat. 

  • Wood Signs


    With a Cricut, anyone can become a woodworker. It's not the same as the big shops, but it is really incredible this small but mighty tool can take on this task. These would make gorgeous gifts for the holiday or to give to someone special on their birthday. 

  • Paper Flowers


    There are many occasions that are made more beautiful and memorable thanks to the decor, and paper flowers always steal the show. No more stress of having to make them by hand or trying to track down the exact color needed online or in a store. With the Cricut, these can be any color and any size. All that's needed is some imagination. 

  • Reusable Stencils


    Stencils come in handy for all kinds of other craft and decor projects whether it's making gifts or trying a new decoration technique in the home. The Cricut is able to make one-of-a-kind stencils that can be used over and over and it does so with gorgeous accuracy. 

  • Faux Leather Earrings


    Yes, the Cricut can handle leather and faux leather, so just imagine all the cool crafts that can be done with that. Faux leather earrings are a perfect example of a small craft project. These can be made to practically any design, so if there's been an idea rolling around in the head for a while, this is a fun way to bring it to life and be able to wear them. 

  • Wine Glasses


    The wine glasses with the cute sayings on them are popular gifts for moms, and our BFFs. With a Cricut, they can be customized to whatever saying is the perfect message. This means they can be perfectly personalized for those we love -- or maybe a few for ourselves. 

  • Homemade Puzzles


    How cute would it be to have a puzzle for our kids with their names? That's one of the cute crafts that we can make with the Cricut and it's not as hard or challenging to make as we would have assumed. These can later be painted to add another level of charm and personalization. 

  • Face Mask With a Window


    In so many places, cloth face coverings are necessary and mandated. They are able to be made at home, but with the Cricut, these little windows can be added and there's been some benefit in having a window there so people who are deaf or hard of hearing can still use lip reading to be able to pick up on more of the conversation. 

  • Etched Glass


    With the right add-on tools the Cricut can etch designs on glass without shattering it and what that means is these gorgeous glasses with beautiful designs can be made. This likely isn't the best idea to start with for someone who is just learning their Cricut, but with some practice, this will become easy peasy, too.

  • Fairy Nightlight


    These little fairy light lantern night lights are adorable and they would make such a sweet gift for a niece or nephew. The Cricut is used to cut the fairy shapes to the right size and it does with perfect precision. Then, all that's needed is a few other supplies, some time, and voila!

  • Cake Toppers


    Has it ever been a bummer that it's impossible to find the perfect cake topper that is needed to make the dessert that much more special? It's one of the fun projects the Cricut can make and since it's really good at doing things that are delicate, making whimsical toppers is no issue. 

  • Rubber Stamps


    There is something fun about rubber stamps. Some of us remember playing with stamps as children and how much enjoyment we got from it. There are a whole lot of stamps that can be purchased for people who love to scrapbook or other crafts. It's also one of the many things that can be made with the Cricut -- and imagine the fun stamps that can be made!

  • Personalized Door Mat


    If a family has an uncommon last name, there is zero chance of finding a welcome door mat with that printed on. And that's a bummer because those are really cute and add a layer of charm to the front door of a home. The good news is this is also a craft that can be made with the Cricut -- and now there are endless possibilities for what to put there. 

  • Easy Cards


    Never be in the situation again where there's someone's birthday coming up and picking up a birthday card was spaced out on. The Cricut can cut all sorts of shapes, in many different fabrics and textures and all that's needed are the creative ideas to make these cards stand out. 

  • No Sew Hair Bows


    There is something endlessly cute about hair bows on little girls. For those of us who can't sew, we've missed out on making these for our kids -- or our nieces. But, turns out we don't have to know how to sew to make these because it's something the Cricut can easily handle, too. 

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