Creative Reuse Ideas for Everyday Household Items


It's a great idea to think outside the box and, whenever possible, figure out how to reuse everyday items we use around the house—although many of you have been doing this for years. Before you toss that glass jar or those single socks into the can bound for a landfill or even into the recycle bin, consider if there's a way to creatively reuse it first.

spaghetti sauce jars

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More creative reuse ideas for everyday household items...

  • Reuse Spaghetti Sauce Jars, ideas from the handmade holidays group. Favorite idea: Dispense and store ribbon/string/yarn/twine. Just punch a hole or two in the lid (tess-n-co).
  • Reuse Worn Out Socks, ideas from Green, Organic, Natural, Simple Living group. Favorite idea: Cut off the feet and make a baby legwarmers (sunshinegirl777).
  • Reuse Oatmeal Containers, ideas also from Green, Organic, Natural, Simple Living group. Favorite idea: Lay sideways and cut a hole in the side for a perfect baby doll bed (hippypeg).
  • Reuse Dryer Lint (yes, that's right), ideas from the Frugal & Thrifty Moms group. Favorite idea: Make clay; click over for the simple recipe (FirstTimeMom102).

More creative reuse ideas:

+++ What about you? Got any creative reuse ideas to share with us?

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katzm... katzmeow726

If your kids are into painting and crafts, you can re use egg cartons.  You can divide up gltter or sequins, or put small dollops of paint into each cup.

Lumin... LuminousMom

If you camp, save Dryer lint in a bag and bring it with you.. it is AMAZING for starting fires- no joke.

jennm... jennmarie77

Those are some terrific ideas. I would love to see more of these ideas on here.  And you gave me an idea for a topic in Design on a Dime Moms.  Thanks


I took all of my old egg cartons and used them as seed starters.  I cut the top off the carton, placed it under neath the egg crate part after I poked drainage holes in the bottom of each segment.  I poured the seed starting soil in each segment, placed a seed in each section, covered with soil, watered, and then covered the whole carton with plastic wrap.  Placed on a sunny window sill and watch them grow.  The egg crates can be reused over and over again.  plant a tree


I use the styrofoam plates that you get beef on in the grocery store for paint pallets.  We are a family of painters so they are used quite often.  Plus, you can still recycle when you are done using them.  The paint washes off if it is acrylic and whips off if it is oil.  Have fun and be creative.recycling sweetpea 

mommy... mommybgood

I have used the old 1950's hollow core doors that we replaced throughout our home for everything from upholstered headboards, to craft room work tables, and most recently an upholstered storage ottoman that I'm just finishing up.  They are lightweight, sturdy and easy to cut added bonus, you can find them all over the place because they're not "in style" anymore!!!


phyll phyll

We use old styrofoam egg cartons for lots of things.  My five year old daughter uses them as pain palets because she has a problem with the pain mixing when she doesn't want them to mix.  My MIL uses them to hold jewelry (she has so much her large jewelry box is overflowing).  I use them for different crafts... good for mosaics, it helps to keep the different tiles separated.  My daughter and I also use them in our art.

Pickle jars are my favorite.  My daughter just recently made a snail home out of one and My husband and I use them to hold change.

I love posts like this!  Keem em coming if you can :)

nonmember avatar Naked Notes

Great idea! You can also learn how to turn a fork into a bracelet, and other creative re-uses on

nonmember avatar GJ

Old salsa jars work great for steamed puddings.  I like Plum Duff.  It's  very simple plum pudding.  Great for Christmas.  The problem is steamed pudding in a regular pan will often be done on the outside and runny in the middle.  They take forever to cook.  But by useing the smaller, 16oz  salsa jars I can make individual servings.  They cook faster.  I line the jars with wax paper so the pudding just slides out.  The lids on the jars keep the steam from adding extra moisture to the pudding.  Any pudding you don't want to eat raight away.  Just leave in the jar and refrigerate when cool.

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