Creative Reuse Ideas for Everyday Household Items

It's a great idea to think outside the box and, whenever possible, figure out how to reuse everyday items we use around the house—although many of you have been doing this for years. Before you toss that glass jar or those single socks into the can bound for a landfill or even into the recycle bin, consider if there's a way to creatively reuse it first.

spaghetti sauce jars

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More creative reuse ideas for everyday household items...

  • Reuse Spaghetti Sauce Jars, ideas from the handmade holidays group. Favorite idea: Dispense and store ribbon/string/yarn/twine. Just punch a hole or two in the lid (tess-n-co).
  • Reuse Worn Out Socks, ideas from Green, Organic, Natural, Simple Living group. Favorite idea: Cut off the feet and make a baby legwarmers (sunshinegirl777).
  • Reuse Oatmeal Containers, ideas also from Green, Organic, Natural, Simple Living group. Favorite idea: Lay sideways and cut a hole in the side for a perfect baby doll bed (hippypeg).
  • Reuse Dryer Lint (yes, that's right), ideas from the Frugal & Thrifty Moms group. Favorite idea: Make clay; click over for the simple recipe (FirstTimeMom102).

More creative reuse ideas:

+++ What about you? Got any creative reuse ideas to share with us?

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