17 Hilarious Tweets About the Hell That Is Video Meetings


video meeting

No matter how much we wish we could, there doesn't seem to be any way around those awkward video meetings nowadays. Virtual playdates, office meetings, high school reunions, it's incredible that technology has made it so all of these things can happen online. But we're not ashamed to be the first to say (OK, maybe the 101st) that video meetings are ripe to take a turn for the cringe. There's just so much potential for embarrassing moments. First, there's the family factor -- anyone can get video-bombed by a well-meaning, but scantily clad husband wandering into the kitchen for a snack or a kid letting one rip right by computer screen. Then there's just the extreme awkward factor of seeing your co-workers in their natural habitats.

If that wasn't bad enough, it's absolutely mortifying to try and both enter the Zoom meeting (what if we're the first person there?) or eeek, trying to leave (what if we're the last one to go?).  In fact, many people across Twitter are also feeling the sting of the morning video meeting and aren't afraid to share their highs and lows with thousands of strangers online. Some of these tweets are too hilarious to be believed -- like the one poor woman who forgot to turn her camera off before heading into the bathroom -- with her laptop in tow. And others are just too relatable -- like video filters gone amuck. But luckily we found the funniest of these tweets and made one hilarious list that goes to prove that video meetings are horrible for all of us -- just take it from these unfortunate people.

  • Potty Break

    Learning the delicate art of both muting the volume and turning off the camera was obviously lost on this poor woman, who decided to stay in the video chat while answering nature's call and forgot to do either. Hope her coworkers appreciated her listening to her body...

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  • Fart Machine Has Entered The Chat

    As much as we love being home with our kiddos -- well, having them home while trying to work has posed *quite* the unique problem. Just take it from this mom, whose son decided to mix things up at her morning meeting. At least he gave everyone a laugh (hopefully.)

  • The Name's Mom, James Mom

    Perhaps the most awkward thing about Zoom meeting is having to pretend that there's no one else in the house. Luckily for this man, his wife has taken this mission seriously and pulled out some impressive spy skills to sneak out without getting in the frame.

  • What a Spud

    There's always one joker in the bunch who thinks he's going to roll up to the morning meeting and turn himself into a potato as a joke -- it's just not that often that this person is the boss, or that they did it accidentally. We can't make this stuff up, it's just too good. 

  • Anxie-tea

    If this tweet isn't the truth! This is why we've decided to never start the Zoom call and always enter late and leave early. It's the only way to prevent that twisty feeling in our stomachs before the call is scheduled. Seriously, what's worse than trying to talk to four little rectangles on the computer that we never wanted to talk to anyway?

  • Sorry, I'm, Uh, Busy

    We all thought that staying inside was going to be one big vacation from real life, but NOPE (that is when we're not worrying about getting sick). Now we need video calls to do everything: work, exercise classes, spend some time with the girls -- whew, I think we need a break!

  • Husband Spotted

    No matter how many times we warn the family that our Zoom meeting is at 2 p.m. -- someone always inevitably comes into the room during our meeting at 2. Unfortunately for this man, he just happened to be in his undies when it happened. Whoops! Hope everyone got a nice show.

  • Gotta Have My Java

    Look, just because we're inside it doesn't mean it's any easier to get up and make a 9 a.m. meeting. The least our bosses can do is give us a 15-minute grace period to get the coffee started, and another 15 to take a shower, and another 15 to eat breakfast, and -- oh heck, let's just cancel the whole thing and try again tomorrow, OK?

  • The Mic is ON

    Rule one of video meetings: mute the mic if someone else is speaking. Rule No. 2: try not to laugh when someone else doesn't follow rule No. 1. Do we really all need to hear someone yelling at their kids to make sure they wiped really well this time? We didn't think so. 

  • What Lies Beneath

    We promise to look nice from the waist up and ONLY from the waist up. Don't ask us to pan down or stand up straight. What we're wearing on our bottoms is OUR business and only our business. Better yet, why don't people have video meetings where EVERYONE has their camera off? We swear, no one will mind.

  • He Thinks He's Funny

    Our kids are definitely watching us and are picking up on Zoom lingo. So much so, that this little boy hit his mom with quite the zinger when he was ready to end their conversation. Now how do we incorporate "mute the mic" into their daily routine too?

  • What Schedule?

    Try not to side-eye people as they struggle to make the chat on time, get their sound situation figured out, and make their background Hogwarts. It's all worth it to get to the cats. Or better yet, let's not do this whole Zoom meeting thing at all, shall we?

  • We Promise We Look Like This All The Time

    Makeup? We don't know her. We also don't know clean clothes, jeans, hair brushes, our tweezers, real shoes, or anything that is binding during this time that we are at home. If there's a person trying to show everyone up by wearing a full face of makeup, hair done and, gasp! a button-down shirt during a video meeting, we don't wanna know them.

  • He's a Hit

    This woman should have probably reminded her male partner that he needed to fully dressed for the day -- like all day long -- including during important meetings she was doing from their home. Or, it's not THAT hard to just walk around the computer, people! D'oh!

  • Too Much Family Time

    Sure, we love all the togetherness ... to a point. It was cute when we were doing video potlucks and video birthday parties, but so help us God if someone tries to make us do a virtual high school reunion, because we think we speak for the rest of the world when we say we are SO OVER IT.

  • #Blessed

    In these dark times, some of us are quite rightly turning to religion. More importantly, let us all turn to this priest who didn't realize he was being filtered throughout his service. We just can't make this stuff up, folks. In his defense, it undoubtedly brought lots of joy to his congregation.

  • The Call Has Ended

    God Bless a Zoom meeting on a free account. What's that? We can't go on for the full hour. Oh noooooo. Guess we'll have to cut things short for the day. OK, cool, byeeeeeee. Seriously, don't make us have to all re-login again. It's over. Just over.