17 Places You Don't Think of Spring Cleaning

Genny Glassman | Feb 24, 2020 Home & Garden
17 Places You Don't Think of Spring Cleaning
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Spring cleaning: two words that can either strike fear in the hearts of the weak or can be a total blast for those of us who own more than one Swiffer and just LOVE a project. Hey! Some of us are natural organizers and that's nothing to feel weird about. As we slowly move into the warmer months, that itchy, time-to-clean feeling comes back to us and before we know it, we've moved the fridge, done several loads of laundry, and are cleaning behind the sofa. But aside from the usual suspects (the bookshelf, the closet, the garage) are there secret spots that one might be forgetting to clean? There sure are, but don't worry we've got you covered. We decided to put together this nifty list of all the places one doesn't usually think to clean during spring cleaning -- or they might be sports that tend to get overlooked. 

After years spent wondering where the heck all the dust bunnies and grime came from, we've decided that this year, enough is enough. In our opinion, the best plan of attack is to make a list and then go after all the nooks are crannies that we've ignored throughout the year. Things like cleaning out countertop appliances (like the tray that collects crumbs in the toaster), de-griming the showerhead (yuck), or even spot cleaning the couch, which can not only make the house feel a little cleaner -- it can extend the life of furniture. Other cleaning blind spots? The underside of the fridge, the trashcan (yes, really), and a little thing we like to call digital clutter. This year it all goes! So take a look at this list of the 17 places that shouldn't get missed during spring cleaning and don't be afraid to let the inner Danny Tanner out.

  • Lighting Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

    ceiling fan

    Sure, they keep us cool in the summer, but we tend to forget that ceiling fans collect and spread a ton of dust. Take a damp washcloth or duster and make sure to clean down the blades -- and change the bulb if the ceiling fan includes a light, too.

  • Small Countertop Appliances


    We can't even look at our Keurig without giving it a quick wipe down -- but if we're going to doing a big clean, we might make sure to wash and rinse all the little parts that are bound to collect grime and food particles.

  • Shower Head

    shower head

    All that rust buildup! There's a simple way to get rid of yucky shower head gunk. Just take some white vinegar and a plastic bag. Fill the bag with vinegar and then submerge the shower head in the bag. Let soak for several hours and then voila!

  • Toothbrush Holder

    tooth brushes

    Actually think about what's in the toothbrush holder -- gross, right? But with a little work (and a beloved cleaning product) all that soap scum and grime can be washed out. Or simply run it through the dishwasher, if it's dishwasher safe.

  • Door Frames

    door frame

    When cold season hits, we diligently wipe down doorknobs, but now that it's spring, it's time to clean the rest of it! Of course, wiping down the door frame can be helpful, but don't forget to buff out scuffs with a Magic Eraser.

  • The Ceiling


    Cobwebs and dust always seem to appear in the corners of the room, so now is a good time to take a broom or damp cloth and get at them. Similarly, it's good to take a Magic Eraser to the walls to get rid of stray marks.

  • Mattress


    It's the most wonderful time of year -- and by that we mean it's time to give the mattress a good, old fashioned flip. Not only can it be good for the bed, but sometimes it just feels nice to sleep on the "fresh" side of the bed.

  • The Fridge


    Inside, outside, and underneath -- all good spots to check when cleaning. First clear out old, out-of-date food from inside the fridge, then hit the outside and, if possible, pull the fridge out and vacuum underneath.

  • Spot Clean the Furniture

    cleaning the furniture

    If hiring professional cleaners isn't in the yearly budget, don't fret. It can still be worthwhile to take stain remover to couches and fabric-covered chairs to get them a little refresh -- don't forget the rugs!

  • Go Digital

    mom on laptop

    A messy email inbox or too many icons on a desktop can be stressful. Or maybe it's time to finally organize the apps on one's cellphone. Take the time to delete and unsubscribe as much as possible.

  • Spices


    Cleaning the whole pantry is a necessary evil, but might we point out that a lot of household staples -- including spices, oils, and even old nuts and seeds need to be thrown away and replenished.

  • Trash Can

    trash can
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    Yep, even the trash cans need to be given a once-over. Tackle both the cans in the kitchen and bedrooms, and then really make magic happen by hosing down the larger cans used for weekly garbage collection.

  • Makeup Brushes

    make-up brushes

    Oh yeah, these guys get way dirty. We know we're guilty of not regularly cleaning out our brushes, so now is a good time to finally follow through. It can extend the life of the brushes and also help prevent breakouts. 

  • Cup Holders

    cup holder
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    Filled with coins, wrappers, crayons, old fries (probably), and God only knows what else, cup holders need to be on the spring cleaning bucket list. Although with kids don't expect them to stay clean for too long.

  • Magazines, Catalogs, & Subscriptions


    Paper clutter can not just be annoying -- it can really make a space feel smaller, more cramped, and  more stressful. So take a minute (or 20) and prune down old magazines and take a look at what subscriptions no longer seem worthwhile.

  • Medicine Cabinet

    woman taking medication
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    As much of a pain as it might be to replace them, old prescription or over-the-counter medications can be dangerous to take. So check all the expiration dates and toss anything that is too old to take. 

  • Washing Machine

    washing machine

    Think about it: mold loves to grow in cool, damp places. This means the washing machine is the perfect place for mold to grow. Try wiping down the inner cuff of the machine and do a rinse on hot with baking soda and vinegar to get it squeaky clean.

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